Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sewing, sewing...

I’ve been doing quite a bit of sewing lately - thanks to my 21 month old daughter who was sometimes keen to play by herself on the floor in the sewing room while I was sewing. I am quite proud with what I’ve done and very happy that I finally found a great reborn body pattern and excellent body material, which is everybody’s favourite suede, but the one I used is a heavy duty one. It’s rather hard to sew, but the result is amazing – an absolutely cuddly body that holds its shape perfectly at the same time.  

This is Nicolas by the way :-) I will introduce him a bit later. He previously had a cotton Secrist body that I absolutely hated (sorry for being rude). It was long and floppy and my reborn baby was long and floppy, too :-( 
Anyway, here is a pattern. 

You can adjust its size to the size of your baby; blow it up in any picture editor to the size which is your baby kit size in inches + 4 cm. For example if your kit size is 19 inches, then you should blow the image up to 23 cm in height and print it out. Teddy kit makes 22 inches baby so the patter image size has a height of 26 cm. I hope it makes sense :-)

I also made an outfit for Nicolas. I think you can call it a christening gown, although it can also be a simply romper set. I made it of Japanese quality silky satin; both romper and hat also have cotton lining. Pattern is coming up soon, if I manage to find it :-O

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