Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another two heads

Why it’s all about bald heads these days? Another two baby heads are on my shelf!! They are arrived, my two boys, Raine and Tray, Bountiful baby thank you! Now they both look just like box full of heads, limbs, eyes and hair, but I m so looking forward to turn it all into two gorgeous boys. I actually wanted to make two little sisters out of Raine and Tray kits, but when I looked at them closely I realised they are 100 % little guys. 

They both are pink, a bit too pink IMO (no wonder peach colour kits are usually sold much faster). But I am actually looking forward to working with pink vinyl; pink is a very natural colour to our skin. It will definitely need a bit of green wash, but otherwise it adds depth to the reborn baby skin texture, with further skin tone layers. I would do an internal purple wash to peach colored vinyl anyway, otherwise it would look too “flat”… So there are no reasons left not to like pink vinyl I guess?  ;-O
I absolutely love Secrist’s translucent vinyl. It looks odd when you look at it first, too bright for baby doll features, but once you have completed internal purple wash, it looks absolutely transformed and ready for blushing.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Two heads, dozen of limbs...

.. that's what I sculpted so far, hoping to make triplets.. the third triplet was going to be a sleeping one, and I already sculpted all limbs.. It was 3 months ago, and since then two heads and dozen of limbs are just standing on a shelf, (in the back room, not to give heard attacks to people who would see them otherwise) :-( I ignore them, doing reborning instead.. Why I do (or DONT do) it? I don't know. But I m very keen to think that I just don't like how they look :-O

I still don't know what to do with them. I m working on another Secrist doll kit at the moment and finding it exciting enought not to go back to baby sculpting for quite a while.