Saturday, April 14, 2012


- That’s what I thought when I opened the box from the States with Zachy kit in it. It’s so tiny that it perfectly fits into my coffee cup, and yet has so many details! It looks real, despite it’s size! You know how clumsy some mini reborn kits look right? Well, it’s not about Zachy. Zachy is perfect!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Patrick, Patrick, Patrick!

I love this sculpt, with his curious wee face expression, beautiful eyes, grabbing hands and chubby feet. I made 3 of them and wish he wasn’t sold out. I always wanted to make one with rooted hair, but each time I admire his head shape, I decide to go for painted hair.  Please cheer him up, he is on Trademe now, waiting for his mum ;-)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas OOAKs

I originally started sculpting those two for Collliii competition, but was two late to enter :-) Not that I was upset about it, I actually was quite happy I didn’t enter, because for a whole month I was keeping them as my secret and was enjoying making them their tiny outfits. I miss white Christmas quite a lot, that’s where warm part of their outfits comes from. We had a great time together, and now they are ready to go, to be somebody’s Christmas delight.  I listed them on our local Trademe auction :-)

And the little wide awake boy is here:

Saturday, April 30, 2011

My last and first sculpted babies.

I am quite sure that I am back to sculpting. I have a tiny little thing to show off. This little girl is made of Cernit, and dressed in her national clothes as well as in traditional warm baby basics. It was a great pleasure to sculpt using Cernit and I probably won’t go back to Fimo after it. The girl is painted with genesis paints, I tried to create a right skin tone for her young ethnic skin and used quite a bit of paint and texture medium. Doesn’t look too perfect, but I m learning and enjoying it ;-) 

 And this lil guy is my old friend who lives with his new family now. He was my first, took me ages to sculpt him but I m very proud with the result.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Can’t wait to show him to you!

This is Richard, he is very serious little boy, shy smile on his face is maximum he can give you really, not much more :-) He’s got gorgeous blonde hair and eyelashes, blue eyes and very fair skin. He also got his first tooth coming through, but you can’t really see it on this picture. He’s a real handsome one, too, out of all dolls in the house my little daughter prefers him. 

A little bit of showing off :-)

I thought I d share this wee one with you, few minutes before he goes of the Trademe auction. He is a real boy, 2,5 inches long curled up, made of Fimo Puppen polymer clay, painted with Genesis, with hair baked into his head. I still have skills and can sculpt another one if you wish ;-) Girl or boy. I m offering because I probably won’t sculpt one like this for sale for a long time, it’s quite hard detailed job. I am more keen to go back to sculpting parts. 

 Here is another picture of Nicolas by the way :-) He is still for sale as I only announce his sale on this blog :-)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nicolas is for sale, affordable reborn

Ever wanted affordable but beautiful reborn? Here he is, selling as I need a room for other reborns on the way and my daughter's toys :-) He will cost you $200 USD + shipping (we live in NZ).Please have a look at my older post where you can get much more information about Nicolas. Thank you very much for looking.