Friday, January 28, 2011

Hello baby Nicolette

This is Nicolette...

I am endlesly proud of her and love her to bits :-) She is created from Teddy Secrist kit which I adore. About a month ago I put myself togeter and said to my husbant that I don't need anything else for Christmas exept reborn kit... I don't regret it because now, after a month of work  I have a beautiful baby on my hands :-) Reborning world is beautiful! I wish I knew before how easier it is to work with ready-made soft vinyl kits than with dolls!


  1. Hi there well done with the blog and baby Nicolette. I am the same about reborning and do not know what I used to do before they came into my life. Keep up the good work. kind regards Sharon

  2. Aww Sharon it's so nice of you to visit us here :-) I really love your works, too, it's so beautiful!